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Do you like to know your chess rating?

We will analyze your chess game move-by-move and estimate the chess rating (ELO). You may please check our sample estimate report.

You may upload or copy-paste the game in PGN format to the form given below. We will notify you by email when the ELO estimate report is available. The report will include the estmated ELO ratings of both the players as well as the ELO rating of each move.

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The algorithms we use to estimate the rating have been developed based on extensive research. Please refer to the FAQ page to know about the accurancy of the estimate.

Please do not forget to visit the GM Estimates page where you can see the estimated ratings of legendary players like Capablanca and Morphy.

Do you know that the ELO analysis report can be used as a training aid? The moves that have low ELO ratings tell you where the most improvement is possible.